BINGO Blitz Wiki

The Scatter Game is a mini-game that can be found in any slots room within BINGO Blitz.  The game is designed to give you extra rewards as well as a chance of finding the 'Scatter Only' items (items that can only be found in the scatter mini-game and not in the 5-Reel Slots). 

Trigger the Scatter!


In order to trigger the Scatter, you will need three (or more) Scatter symbols in one spin; if you are seeing three or more, congratulations, you are about to play the Scatter mini-game!

What to Choose?


Once you have been lucky enough to find three Scatters, you will see a screen like the one shown on the right. You will be faced with six different pictures (the pictures are different depending on what slots room you are playing in).  You can choose any two out of the six shown. Choose carefully, you could win big!

Choices Revealed!


When you have picked the cards you like (you pick one at a time) the rewards are revealed to you right there and then, so you can directly see what you have won.  The rewards/items will then be added to your account.   The game will then display what was behind the other four cards you didn't choose, before the mini-game closes and you return to the 5-Reel Slots.

"Let's have a look what you could of won..."