BINGO Blitz Wiki

Power-Ups 'power up' bingo from the regular game you're likely familiar with to something much more fast-paced - it puts the 'blitz' in BINGO Blitz! Each Power-Up has a unique effect when put into play.

How Power-Ups Work

In-game: The Power-Up meter.

In order to use a Power-Up, you must have three sucessful daubs on your cards to charge up your Power-Up Meter. Once charged, a randomly generated Power-Up will be displayed - click to use it! After using a Power-Up, your Power-Up Meter will go through a Cool Down phase before your daubs can start charging it up again.

Power-Up Types

There are eight types of Power-Ups in BINGO Blitz:

Double XP

Double XP icon

Double XP Power-Ups double the amount of XP you collect for every succesful daub during the remainder of that round. For exampe, a 1 XP daub will reward you with 2 XP after using the Double XP Power-Up.

This Power-Up can only be used once per round.

Double Winnings

Double Winnings icon.

The Double Winnings Power-Up, also known as the Double Payout, reward you with two times the payouts you would receive at the end of a round. The amount of coins doubled would come from those won Coin Squares and Bingos. For credits, only those won from bingos are doubled.

This Power-Up can only be used once per round.

Instant Win

Instant Win icon.

The Instant Win Power-Up is considered to be the most powerful in the game and is hard to come across. Activating this Power-Up marks a random square on each of your bingo cards - sucessfully daubing that square will instantly give you a bingo!

Treasure Square

Treasure Square icon.

Treasure Square Power-Ups will mark a square on your bingo cards with a Treasure Chest icon. Daubing a square with a Treasure Chest marked on it allows you to collect the chest, which can be opened at the end of a round.

This Power-Up can only be used once per round.

Single Daub 

Single Daub icon.

Single Daub Power-Ups will mark a random square on your bingo cards as a free space. They can be a helping hand towards that winning bingo pattern you're after!

Double Daub

Double Daub icon.

Double Daub Power-Ups will mark two random squares on your bingo cards as free spaces. More powerful than the regular ol' Single Daub!

Money Square

Coin Square icon.

The Money Square Power-Up, more commonly known as the Coin Square, will randomly mark a square on each of your bingo cards with a gold-plated effect. When you sucessfully daub one of these squares, you'll be rewarded with a random amount of coins that are paid out to you at the end of a round.


Supercharger icon.

Upon activating the Supercharger Power-Up, your Power-Up Meter will instantly cool down and subsequent daubs will charge it up. Afterwards, for the remainder of the round, it will only take two sucessful daubs instead of three to fully charge up your meter, and the time it takes to wait for your meter to cool down is cut in half!