BINGO Blitz Wiki
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Daubing squares on your bingo cards awards you with Experience Points, or XP, and these points are the driving force behind you reaching new levels. Reaching higher levels, in turn, lets you unlock new content and more rewards along the way! You'll earn more XP per daub when playing in higher level rooms.

The highest level you can currently attain in BINGO Blitz is 120.

Level-Up Rewards

Reaching a new level leads to assorted rewards - they can vary among Credits, Keys, Coins, and Power-Ups, and in amount as well. Generally speaking, the higher the level you attain, the better the reward will be.

New Content

As you progress in level, you'll unlock more rooms in BINGO Blitz. Each subsequent room you unlock has more items to collect, better rewards to earn, and a better collection completion award to redeem! 

Here's a list of rooms you'll unlock as you progress through BINGO Blitz!

Room Name Level Unlocked
Plano 1
New York 1
Daily Tournament 2
Madrid 3
Sydney 5
Hong Kong 10
Atlantic City 15
High Stakes Tournament 18
London 20
Venice 30
Berlin 35
Tokyo 40
Dublin 45
Toronto 50
Jamaica 55
Hollywood 60
Honolulu 65
Paris 70
Rio 75
Tahiti 77
Mumbai 80
Cairo 90
Rome 90
Moscow 95
Miami 100