Room Details Edit

  • Level unlocked: 2
  • Cost per card: free!
  • XP per daub: none (daubs don't award XP here)
  • Credit payouts: 0 to 250
  • Coin payouts: 0 to 10000
  • Unique Restrictions: cards are free, XP is not awarded, maximum of five free rounds can be played per day (additional set of five rounds can be purchased), collection set can be completed multiple times

Collection Items Edit

  • Jewel of Victory (can only be won by finshing in the top 250 on the Global Leaderboard)
  • Jewel of Persistence (awarded by finishing between 251st and 500th place on the Global Leaderboard)
  • Jewel of Success (awarded by finishing between 501st and 750th place on the Global Leaderboard)
  • Jewel of Generosity (Free Gift item)
  • Jewel of Power
  • Jewel of Honor
  • Jewel of Glory
  • Jewel of Luck
  • Jewel of Immortality
  • Jewel of Hope
  • Jewel of Influence
  • Jewel of Compassion

Collection Completion Edit

Collect all 12 jewels to complete the Tournament Crown. Once you complete the first crown (the Bronze Crown), you will move on to the next crown (the Silver Crown) - there are five crowns to complete, which require a separate set of 12 jewels to finish.

Finding the Room Edit

To find the Tournament room, simply open BINGO Blitz, click on the cat with the crown on its head at the bottom and then navigate through the cards to the Free Daily Tournament room.