BINGO Blitz Wiki

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Collection Items are another aspect of BINGO Blitz that diverges from traditional bingo! In every room, there are 12 items that compromise that room's specific collection set. Your goal is to collect all 12 items in order to receive that room's rewards!

How To Collect Items

Collection Items can be acquired several ways:

  • by purchasing them with Coins (done through the Inventory section of the game)
  • by having them gifted to you from a teammate
  • won through Treasure Chests
  • won by bingoing on a Shadow Card

Shadow Cards

The card on the bottom right is an example of a Shadow Card.

Shadow Cards are bingo cards that have the silhouette of a collection item on them. If you happen to sucessfully call a bingo on the card, you'll win that item! Some items can only be won from Shadow Cards and cannot be acquired anywhere else - you'll see BINGO Blitzers refer to these items as 'hard to get' or 'HTGs'.