BINGO Blitz Wiki

You'll need a light here - Blackout Lounge!

Blackout Lounge is a BINGO Blitz Specialty room unlocked at level 22.

Room Details

  • Level unlocked: 22
  • Cost per card: 4 Credits
  • XP per daub: none 2
  • Credit payouts: 4 to 96
  • Coin payouts: 200 to 1600
  • Unique Restrictions: the only winning pattern here is Blackout! Your BINGO card must be full in order for a valid claim. The collection items are also all Shadow Only, apart from the two Free Gifts!

Collection Items

  • Matches (Free Gift item)
  • High Voltage Switch (Free Gift item)
  • Torch (Shadow Card only)
  • Lightning (Shadow Card only)
  • Flash Light (Shadow Card only)
  • Mining Helmet (Shadow Card only)
  • Lantern (Shadow Card only)
  • Prism (Shadow Card only)
  • Light Bulb (Shadow Card only)
  • Lighter (Shadow Card only)
  • Candle (Shadow Card only)
  • Glow Sticks (Shadow Card only)

Collection Completion Rewards

Upon completing this collection, you'll be able to collect a one-time payout of 100 Credits and a new BINGO Dauber!